Join us for a fun and playful yoga class at the picturesque farm Barnyard Buddies Fainting Goats in Loveland, CO.

Goat Yoga is a new type of yoga class where goats roam throughout the class to provide laughter and positivity! Goats are known for being playful and whimsy and can help us unwind from stress and remind us to be playful in our lives as well.

This class will have baby fainting goats roaming throughout the class who love to be near people!!

This class is open to all-levels and the yoga sequence will be a very grounded practice offering more eye-level attention with the goats! Must be at least 8 years old to attend the yoga class and MUST attend class with an adult if you are under 18.

Must purchase a ticket in order to attend the event. Limited tickets available.

This class will be held in a hay area so please be aware of that if you are allergic to hay. Also, be aware of what you wear to the farm with the hay, dirt, and animals. Please bring a yoga mat you don’t mind getting a little dirty and wearing clothes you don’t mind getting a little dirt or mud on.

Upcoming Events

Classes will resume in Spring 2018. Check back for dates!

Frequently Asked Questions for Goat Yoga

Are there any more tickets available?

Unfortunately, once the class is sold-out there are no more tickets available. We limit the number of people per class to ensure everyone has the best time and are able to connect with the goats. 

Is there a waitlist?

I do not have a waitlist for class. I usually find out about cancellations last minute so when that does happen I post on my Facebook page under the event!

What should I wear to Goat Yoga?

Keep in mind that classes are in a hay barn or out in the goat pen so wear clothes you don’t mind a little farm dirt, mud, and hay getting on. Also, goat accidents do happen so keep that in mind.

What is the age limit for class?

Goat yoga is for ages 8+. If you are under 18, you must be accompanied by an adult so they can sign your liability waiver.

Is this class for all-levels?

Yes, this class is great whether this is your first yoga class or if you are a regular yogi. This class is designed to be a grounding flow so that you can connect with the goats as much as possible.