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Local Spotlight: Wildbloom Skincare

Wildbloom Skincare is a local company I discovered late summer/early Fall. Wildbloom is an all-natural, organic skincare line. I fell in love with their facial oil and moisturizer! Here’s a short questionaire from the owner/founder of Wildbloom Skincare, Heather Anderson.


1. Tell us a little bit about yourself. What inspired you to be an esthetician? 

I have been obsessed with skincare since a young age! My very first job as a teenager was an assistant/receptionist in a spa. I knew I would get my skincare license from that age on, but wanted to earn a bachelor’s degree first. So I studied Communications at CSU and then went on to earn my skincare license after graduation. I also became a certified spin and yoga instructor after college, as fitness and wellness is a huge passion of mine as well.


2. How did you evolve from being a skincare specialist to starting your own business?

I’ve always had sensitive skin and have dealt with acne, so I’ve tried LOTS of products over the years. I’ve also had close family members with serious health ailments, and I became very focused on reading labels and choosing healthy ingredients (in not only what I ate, but also what I put on my skin, as our skin is our largest organ). I honestly couldn’t find a product line I loved that worked well at treating skin issues, but was still natural and safe. And, I wanted to stand behind something I believed in 100%, thus WildBloom was born.


3. What inspired the name WildBloom?

The line is made without synthetic fragrance, but instead features pure plant and flower oils. Every product smells like the ingredients. For instance, the Essential Glow Face Oil is made with Neroli Flower Essential Oil and it smells amazing, (in my opinion!). Synthetic fragrances give me headaches, so it was very important for me to scent the line only with pure, therapeutic essential oils and botanical extracts. Further delving into the name … “wild” = a natural, unaltered state / the pursuit of pleasure, and “bloom” = a state of freshness and vigor / a glow in a person’s complexion … so it was the perfect name.


4. What’s the biggest inspiration for your product line?

I love when people tell me that the products are working wonderfully for their skin and they look forward to their daily WildBloom ritual. I am still a start-up and not anywhere near making a profit, but that is what keeps me going, the knowing that I created something positive and uplifting that is being enjoyed and enhancing the wellness of those who use it. And hopefully it is paving the future for my children!


5. If you had to suggest 1 product that would help us out in the Colorado Winters, what would it be and why?

The Hyaluronic Rescue Face Serum! I swear by this daily. Since we are a dry climate and lack humidity, this humectant serum helps bind moisture to the skin, plumping our skin cells and creating a smooth, healthy barrier from the environment.


6. For active yogi’s, especially those who love heated yoga, what’s important for them to remember to do to help their skin after class?

Aside from drinking lots of water, I recommend cleansing your face (and body) after your hot yoga routine and then replenishing your skin with face tonic, moisturizer, and SPF!


7. What’s your mantra or favorite quote?

Be mindful. Take time for what matters. Take care of and make time for yourself, your family, your friends, your community, and our earth. Respect one other and lift one another up.


8. Where can you buy Wildbloom Skincare in Fort Collins area?

We are growing in Fort Collins and beyond, it’s so exciting! Currently WildBloom is sold locally at Velvet Files, Skin Deep Spa, Revolution Market, and The Knapsack Store! We also have pop-up shops at fitness and yoga studios, and we are proud sponsors of HopeLives!


9. What’s a favorite spot of yours in Fort Collins? (could be a shop, restaurant, yoga studio, coffee shop, etc.)

Bath Garden Center — This is my go-to tranquil space, I go at least once a month! And I never leave without at least one new succulent plant.


10. What’s your favorite way to enjoy nature? 

Mountain Biking … my husband and I met mountain biking in college, and it’s still our favorite way to reconnect with nature and our relationship .


11. Any future plans that you want to share about Wildbloom

I recently hired Kelly Moran as my VP, and she is a rock star! We are excited to launch 3 new products in 2018 — a vegan version of our Moisture Whip Cream, a Vitamin C night cream, and an herbal beauty balm. Stay tuned!


12. Anything else you would like to add?

Thanks for being awesome and supporting WildBloom!!

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