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Yogi Holiday Gift Guide 2017

During the holidays, I love finding the perfect gift for friends and family whether it’s homemade or a gift I purchased. Here are a few of my favorite things that I think would make wonderful gifts this holiday season.

1. PaddyWax Urban Candle – Fig & Olive

I love these candles. They are made in Nashville out of soy wax and cotton wicks. The scent is not overly powerful. And the concrete container that the candles are the perfect accent to my home. You can buy these online or if your in Fort Collins check out Blue Harvest Apparel.

2. Appointed Co. Notebook

I use this notebook everyday. It’s become a lifesaver for me with OmKai Yoga. I love how it lays flat, the pages are perforated if you need to tear out a page. The lined pages on one side and the blank on the other offer great versatility. They are made in Washington, D.C. and have amazing paper quality. You can shop for these notebooks online or at the Knapsack Store in Fort Collins.


3. One Line a Day Journal

This journal is something I came across a few years ago while in yoga teacher training. I recommend it to everyone. It’s a great way to remember important events that have happened or you can also use it as a gratitude journal. Each page has a few lines to write a sentence or two per year. It’s so fun going back through past years and seeing what I wrote down. I wish they had this celestial cover when I bought mine. You can buy this journal online.


4. Wildbloom Skincare Essential Glow Facial Oil

I love discovering new skincare lines that are natural and local. This summer I discovered Wildbloom Skincare and I love so many of their products. Check out the blog post about this amazing company! The website description says it best: “Our Essential Glow Face Oil is the perfect finisher for normal and combination skin types, to give a luminous glow.” This would make a great gift for anyone looking for a new natural skincare line. You can buy it online or in Fort Collins I have seen it available at Meraki YogaKnapsack Store, and Velvet Files

5. Natura Culina Rose Berry Face Mask

If you follow the @thesouthernyogi on Instagram, you have probably seen this face masked before that she designed with Natura Culina. Natura Culina is a small, natural skincare line in California. This Fall I tried the Rose Berry Mask for the first time and love it for this time of year! This face mask feels nice and warm on your skin and feels like your giving yourself a warm hug. This face mask is great for all skin types and is hydrating for the winter months. You can purchase it through Natura Culina.


6. Saje Bergamot Essential Oil

This 100% pure essential oil is one of my favorites. I love to diffuse Bergamot at home and while teaching yoga. This oil is citrusy and uplifting. Click here to purchase.


7. Jade Leaf Matcha

I make matcha several times each week with almond milk and honey. This is my favorite brand that I have tried so far! I love how easy it is to mix with the almond milk. If you are new to matcha, I highly recommend this brand! Matcha is made from green tea leaves, is a superfood, and more of a sustainable caffeine boost than coffee. You can purchase this on their site or on amazon. I also recommend an electric matcha whisk to blend it better.


8. Corkcicle Travel Mug

This travel mug is a great way for me to bring matcha to work. It keeps beverages hot for 3 hours and is easy to clean. I love the variety of colors and sizes that they have! I purchased mine at the Cupboard.


9. Himalayan Salt Lamp

This So Well salt lamp I have on every night as I wind down for the evening. I love the warm glow it gives off. The white lamp I am especially fond of because it doesn’t give off such a yellow light. To learn more about the benefits of salt lamps click here.


10. Manduka Cork Yoga Block

In my yoga practice lately, I have been using blocks more than usual. When I first started practicing yoga many years ago I thought blocks were a crutch but since teaching yoga for a few years now I learned the importance of blocks not only for safety but also for restorative purposes and ways to learn new peak poses. Cork blocks are much more stable than the foam blocks that I have used in the past. I use blocks to practice inversions, to ignite my core, to work on splits, etc. Every yogi needs at least one if not two of these!


Disclaimer: These are items I truly love, I was not asked to post any of these products. I do not receive any compensation for these products.

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