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To Goat or Not to Goat? That is the question…

Just goat for it!

Goat Yoga is more than just a class, it’s an experience all in its own. The moment you step onto the farm the experience begins by grounding you back to nature. At Barnyard Buddies, you see the chickens roaming along with the red bourbon turkeys throughout the Colorado picturesque views of the farm. Pure excitement starts to form as you hear baby goats in the background. As you step into the goat pen you are greeted by friendly full-size fainting goats and their babies. They are just as excited to see you as you are them. Looking past the goat pen you see the large pasture with horses, mini dexter cows, and Texas longhorns roaming. You feel as if you had just stepped into a Colorado Country paradise.

And then the yoga begins. You lay down your mat and instantly are eye level with over twenty baby fainting goats. It’s hard not to make an instant connection with them. And almost instantly the stress from your week is fading as you begin to laugh and play with the baby goats. Child’s pose is usually bursting with laughter as the goats start to climb on top of people’s backs. The laughter continues to grow throughout each grounding posture in the class giving you as much time and connection as possible with the baby goats.

Here about some of our goat yoga attendee’s experiences:

“I attended goat yoga with a co-worker and my mother in law and I have never seen their faces so full of smiles for an hour straight. We laughed until our cheeks cramped up from the goats’ silly head ramming, bucking, and yelling, and yes, fainting. Some goats were extremely docile and loved to be held, and some preferred to jump on and off people’s backs while antogonizing other goats. It’s truly such a fun, light-hearted, and hysterical experience! 

Kaitlin is wonderful at letting guests perform as much yoga as they want, not much is taken seriously at Barnyard Buddies, which makes it the perfect escape. If you do all of the yoga poses or just a few, I promise you’ll leave goat yoga feeling more relaxed than when you arrived!

I returned again for goat yoga with more of my family — Janet, and Kaitlin and the rest of the staff were great about telling us all about the other animals that live at barnyard buddies. From wild turkeys to long horn cattle, and one very adorable puppy, they welcome guests to explore and take in all of the beauty at Barnyard Buddies farm. I recommend goat yoga to anyone that loves to get a little dirty and laugh A LOT!!!” – Kelly J.

“There’s a lot of themed yoga classes out there right now and I’ve tried every one that I can and Omkai Yoga has been the absolute best by far! It’s because I can tell that Kaitlin genuinely cares about connecting people with their own community and culture through the act of yoga, meeting new people, learning about different causes and of course making new animal friends. The yoga flows are easy to follow and the animals get integrated seamlessly into the class which always makes me laugh. I also find that I learn something new every time I’ve taken a class with Omkai, because the organizations/people that Kaitlin partners with are eager to educate people about their cause and their animals. It’s a much deeper and meaningful experience then just playing with animals for an hour and I love that about these classes. I look forward to many more classes and revisiting with my friends I’ve made through Omkai, like little Annabelle the goat.”  – Kariane B.

After class get a closer view of the Texas Longhorns and explore more of the farm. We hope to see you at Barnyard Buddies this season for your goat yoga experience! We have several classes available and are always adding more!

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