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Dealing with Stress and Anxiety

It’s a topic that I am always fearful of talking about but this year I have experienced more anxiety than I ever have before for some personal reasons. It has made me forgetful, overwhelmed, and easily fatigued.


There are a few ways that have helped me deal with my anxiety:


1. Doing less on the weekends.
My doctor really got through to me about six months ago when she told me that I need to do less on the weekends. My week is pretty full and I love all that I do but most times I tend to go full speed 7 days a week and don’t allow for much down time or at least true down time. It has taken me a while to start to figure out how to achieve this goal. I have started to learn to be okay not saying yes to every opportunity and to be okay with having “lazy” days.


2. Getting outside more.
My soul really craves being outside more. With my schedule, it can be hard to find the time before it gets too dark or too cold or too warm, but I’ve noticed that when I don’t take time to be out in nature that my thoughts are more negative and my mood isn’t quite the same. I have really been enjoying walks around Riverbend Natural Area and walks down to the beach at Horsetooth Reservoir. Even if I can just be outside for a half hour or so, it really helps me ground and re-align with what’s important. I am currently reading a book on how nature is so important to our wellbeing. It’s called Forest Bathing by Dr. Qing Li.


3. Sketching.
I have a degree in Art and Design and have always loved sketching. Lately, I have been planning less on the weekends to allow myself to relax and sketch. It’s been so fun to re-connect with my sketchbook and have fun in a creative and inspiring way.
Is there something that you once loved to do that completely relaxed you and maybe even inspired you that you have lost touch with? If so, I recommend trying to find some down time for it!


4. Trying not to take everything personally or literally.
I tend to put my full heart into everything that I do which is for the most part a great thing. Something that people always point out. But sometimes, by missing a deadline or having to change the project to a different direction than originally planned can really get me down. Somehow my mind translates it into something that I missed or failed at. I have been trying to find a balance of putting my heart into it but also trying not to take the outcome or feedback as personally.


5. Being okay with where I am at.
Being on social media within the wellness community can be difficult. It can be easy to get down on yourself about not doing enough. Not eating well enough, not doing enough yoga, not able to devote that much time to wellness. With my busy schedule and my anxiety overload its been hard to be motivated to eat well, take time for workouts, etc. Mostly my body just craves sleep. As much as I have tried to fight it, I am now accepting that rest is what I really need right now. Yes, yoga and eating better is good to fit in as well but I am trying not to push it. Social media does not portray the full picture of anyone’s life and it can be easy to see people doing nothing but a perfect wellness routine when the truth is that is just a small part of their day. My motivation right now is to just have that goal of a small part of my day contributing to wellness and then it’s not so overwhelming and doesn’t leave me feeling anxious. And some days those small goals lead to more and other days they don’t and that’s okay!


I hope that these ways inspire you to find your own way on how to ease any stress or anxiety that you may have.

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