Practice your cat pose…with kittens!

Help support Fort Collins Cat Rescue by participating in kitten yoga! Fort Collins Cat Rescue will be bringing kittens to roam throughout this all-levels yoga class. This allows the adoptable kittens to socialize and play with potential adopters while bringing joy into your yoga practice. What could be better at helping you paws and reflect than an cute kitten?

Must purchase ticket to attend the yoga portion of the event! Must be 14+ to attend the class and if under 18, must be with an adult for class.

Upcoming Events

Kitten Yoga classes will resume later in 2019. The owner of OmKai Yoga is on maternity leave for April and May and is hoping to plan a kitten yoga class for July! Thanks so much for your support!

Frequently Asked Questions for Kitten Yoga

Are there any more tickets available?

Unfortunately, once the class is sold-out there are no more tickets available. We limit the number of people per class depending on how many puppies we have for the event. The kitten to person ratio is key to a successful class where each person feels like they got time with the kittens.

Is there a waitlist?

I do not have a waitlist for class. I usually find out about cancellations last minute so when that does happen I post on my Facebook page under the event!

Are the kittens adoptable the day of the event?

Kittens have to be at least 8 weeks old and spay/neutered in order to be able to adopt so it depends on their age. I will let you know for each event if they will be available to adopt that day.

What is the age limit for class?

Kitten yoga is for ages 14+. If you are under 18, you must be accompanied by an adult so they can sign your liability waiver.

Is this class for all-levels?

Yes, this class is for all-levels. Kitten Yoga is very adaptable to your needs whether you want to take it easy that morning or add in more challenging postures. Just prepare for a few kitten distractions. If you have any injuries or health concerns (pregnancy, etc.) please let me know at the beginning of the class so I can be sure to offer the correct modifications for you.